Slot Wide Receivers in the NFL

Slot is a term that refers to wide receivers who line up pre-snap in the area between the last wide receiver on the line of scrimmage and the outside receiver. These players are also called “slotbacks.”

Position & History

Slot receivers have become extremely popular in the NFL because of their versatility. They are able to catch short passes, run in and out of the formation, and they can even run with the ball. They are a great alternative to the traditional wideout and can make any team more difficult to defend.

They need to be fast, agile, and strong to succeed in this position. They also need to have good hands, as they receive a lot of targets and absorb contact when catching the ball in the slot.

The offense will use slot receivers to block the defender’s best tacklers on running plays. This gives the quarterback time to throw the ball.

On passing plays, slot receivers can run routes that correspond with other receivers in an attempt to confuse the defender. This can help the offense get into a better running situation, as they can find open space between the linebackers and the defensive backs.

Payouts & Bonuses

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